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        Contact Us
        Toyota Olaya Home, Olaya, Riyadh
        Messrs. Abdullatif Jameel Co.

        Construction of new Car Showroom and Workshop, including basement, ground floor Showroom and Workshop, first floor workshop and offices and second floor accommodation.

        Total area 16,086 sq.m.

        Completion Date: 31/3/2012
        Al-Jomaih Green Field Facility
        Al-Jomaih Automatic Company
        Construction of Al-Jomaih Car Showroom, Green Field Facility Building in Badiya, Riyadh, consisting of Basement, Ground Floor and 1st Floor (total 6715 sq.m.)
        Completion Date: 30/06/2011
        Al-Jomaih - Renovation of Showroom, Kurais Road, Riyadh
        Al-Jomaih Automatic Company

        Renovation of existing Car Showroom

        Total area 1865sq.m

        Completion Date: 31/08/2011
        Toyota Showroom, Jarokum, Kilo-7, Jeddah
        Messrs. Abdullatif Jameel Co.

        Renovationof Car Showroom and 1st floor offices - total area 910 sq.m.

        Completion Date: 31/03/11
        Al-Inma Bank, Al-Aziziah Branch, Riyadh
        Al-Inma Bank
        Construction of the Al-Aziziah Brnach for the Al-Inma Bank in Riyadh, comprising of Ground Floor and 1st Floor - total 1,300 sq.m.
        Completion Date: 28/02/2011
        Al-Inma Bank, Salman AL-Farsi Branch, Riyadh
        Al-Inma Bank

        Bank Premises in Salman Al-Farsi, Riyadh, comprisng of Groud Floor and First Floor (total 1,300 sq.m.)

        Completion Date: 28/02/2011
        Golden Chip Factory
        Golden Chip Company
        The Project consists of the construction of a Factory Building  in the Industrial Area of Dammam, comprising of Ground Floor (2,2770 sq.m.) and First Floor (275 sq.m.)
        Completion Date: 20/03/2011
        Abdullah Hashim Office Building (Honda)
        Messrs. Abdullah Hashim
        Construction of the Administration Building for HONDA dealers, comprising of Ground Floor (900 sq.m.) and First Floor (900 sq.m.)
        Completion Date: 31/03/2011
        El-Khereij Warehouse, Al Faisalya, Dammam
        El-Khereiji Construction Co. Ltd.
        Constructionof a new Warehouse Building - total area 13,710 sq.m.
        Completion Date: 30/06/2010
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